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Be electrified by the sights of Valparaiso, Chile

Posted on 10/29/2015

Once known as the as "The Jewel of the Pacific", Valparaiso is a lively city that will electrify you with its vibrancy and energy. If you are planning to visit Chile, the city of Valparaiso must be one of your stops.

One of the South Pacific's major seaports, Valparaiso is known for its magnificent seaside views, luminous colored houses and a bohemian culture that has brought artists who have made this city their home. In fact, Valparaiso is where you will find the best street art in Latin America. Valparaiso during its heyday, was the home of Chile’s wealthiest people which is evident by the crumbling mansions they left behind. Today, Valparaiso is a favorite haunt for writers, artists, vagabonds and backpack travelers who are lured by its artistic vibe and laid back atmosphere. Because the city does not have its own airport, you have to fly into the Comodoro Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport which is located in the capital city of Santiago. It is serviced by 2 domestic carriers and international carriers from Argentina, Mexico, France, Canada, and the United States.

There is so much to see in Valparaiso that it will take you days to be able to truly explore the city. If your appreciate art, you must visit the Galeria de Arte Bahia Utopica, Edificio Luis Cousino, Parque Cultural Cerro Carcel, Museo a Cielo Abierto, and Paseo Gervasoni.  The Cerro Bellavistaa  is a residential area with amazing colorful murals. If you walk through its narrow streets and climb up some stairs, you will notice the works of art are painted on the steps and the walls. Valparaiso's  top attractions includes the Villa Victoria, Museo Maritimo Nacional and Palacio Baburizza,  For a better view of the city, you must take a ride on the Ascensor Polanco, Ascensor Artilleria or the Ascensor Reina Victoria. Don’t forget to have coffee at the Melbroune Café, this cafe serves one of the best tasting coffees in Valparaiso.

The city will charm its way into your heart. After all, it was once called "Little San Francisco”.  Consult one of our Travel Consultants for more details. 

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